Welcome to the Haras Lusitania

The Haras Lusitania was founded in 2004 with the acquisition of 2 breeding mares from Portugal:
HESPERIDA and OLFATICA. On spring 2005, the first foal of the Haras Lusitania was born: ALHAMBRA da Lusitania, daughter of OLFATICA. The same year, at the first breeding show organised by the CLS (Cavalo Lusitano Switzerland) in Avenches, OLFATICA was elected “Champion of Mares” and got a silver medal.

In 2007 at the 2nd CLS breeding show in Avenches, Olfatica's daughter ALHAMBRA d.L. won her 1st silver medal and was elected "Best PSL bred in Switzerland". Two Years later, another son of Olfatica, CARDAZ da Lusitania, got a silver medal and earned again the title "Best PSL bred in Switzerland" for the Haras Lusitania. In the meantime, his sister ALHAMBRA d.L. was approuved as stud mare and won her 2nd silver medal.